Gratitude, Hope, and How to Share Love

Gratitude, Hope, and How to Share Love

How to stay connected when we are all so far apart

As COVID-19 numbers continue to spike in this country, a lot of us are left isolated and far away from our loved ones. You wish you could just drive to your bestie's house and share a bottle of wine; or order that extra dessert at your favorite restaurant.

At this point we have lost count of how many days we've been in quarantine and we have no idea when that number will end. The uncertainty of it all can lead to a lot of negativity and self-doubt but were here to tell you its ok. Somedays the bad can out-weigh the good (we would be lying if we said it is all rosy). There is hope however. As the vaccine begins it's initial rollout, hardworking healthcare workers have had a chance to receive the first dose of the COVID vaccine.

Soon enough, someone you know or someone you care about will have the chance to receive the vaccine and hopefully soon after that COVID will just be a distant memory. Until then, let's be grateful for the people that are working the front lines and putting themselves at risk so that we can all be safe. Here are some ways we have been sharing gratitude during these hard times. 

Ways to share love and show gratitude: 

  • 1. Tip your delivery drivers 
    • If you order food or groceries from a delivery app. Show your gratitude by tipping your driver. If you are able to, tip as you would if you were dining at the restaurant in person (every bit counts!). 
  • 2. Write a letter/send a package
    • Take some time and write a handwritten note to send to a friend or loved one. Surprise someone you care about with a little note or trinket that shows you're thinking of them.
  • 3. Call them
    • Yes we mean actually pick up the phone and dial the number. We get caught up with texts, DMs, email that sometimes we forget what a phone was originally invented to do. Take the time and call them.


 The team at ALAMAE send over care packages to a local hospital to show gratitude to front line workers. Keep up the fight!

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