our founder

Darren Sayphraraj, who believe it or not, was a former chef/restaurateur prior to launching ALAMAE. COVID-19 has changed his perception of the restaurant industry and the world in general. The name ALAMAE is inspired by a clever play on words. ALA - the French word à la meaning "According to" and MAE - Darren's mother's name May, who has over 20 years of experience designing and creating both intimates and apparel in the fashion industry. ALAMAE is an ode to May's devotion to the apparel industry. With many years of design and production for other renowned retailers and brands under her stylish belt, May, with the help of her son, Darren, is on a mission to share with the rest of the world their collection of minimal, comfortable, and transitional pieces.  🙌

"With everything going on in the world and everyone isolated, during this time, I wanted to find another way to reach people and share experiences. ALAMAE is our chance to share stories in a post-pandemic world through not only intimates, apparel, and swim collections, but rather a voice that resonates with a community of strong, independent women who believe in the messaging behind ALAMAE the brand. That messaging being: be comfortable and confident in your own skin. ALAMAE believes comfort and style are not mutually exclusive. We seek to work with every individual out there...from creatives and artists to aspiring entrepreneurs and small town hustlers who share our vibe and ethos while also highlighting their own unique life stories." - Darren